Teacher Wish List

Department Request Estimated Cost
English Smartboard
English Class set of laptops
English Bookshelf
English Class Library
English Notebook paper, pencils, highlighters $50
English Field trip to courthouse
World Languages Document projector (Elmo)
World Languages Bookshelves & cabinets with locks
World Languages Small white boards for students & markers $100
World Languages EPCOT & Dali Museum Field Trips $2,000
World Languages National Conference $2,000
English Smartboard
English Bookshelf
English Poster paper, construction paper, markers, scissors and highlighters (class set) $75
English Field trip to play
English National Conference $500
Science Class set of laptops
Science Skeletons $2,000
Science Chart Paper $100
Science Field Trip to Bodies exhibit and hospital tours $5,000
Science National conference $2,000
Business & Technology Smartboard
Business & Technology Class set of laptops
Business & Technology Auto tech books $600
Business & Technology Paper towels, hand sanitizer, GOJO hand cleaner $1,000
Business & Technology Field trip to Don Garlits Museum & Daytona 500 Experience $2,500
Business & Technology National conference $2,500
PE Filing cabinet
Reading Smartboard
Reading iPads
Science Smartboard
Science Student response system
Science Class set of “Jurassic Park” or “A Land Remembered” $500
Science Aquarium field trip
Science National conference
Art & Music 150 Digital Tuners
Art & Music 10 iPads
Art & Music Music $3,000
Art & Music Paper, folders & labels $500
Art & Music National conference $750
Social Studies 9300 Got it! Series Student Response System $1,500
Science 2 student computers $1,200
Science Science fiction & non-fiction books
Science 2 large bookshelves
Science Science reference books
Science Small animals cages & tanks
Science Copy paper, butcher paper, markers, colored pencils, pencils, pens, notebook paper, scissors (class set)
Science 40 scientific calculators
Science Lab supplies
Science Printer toner
Art & Music Printer toner $1,000
Art & Music iOgrapher iPad video rig $320
Art & Music Elinchrom photography lighting kit $2,200
Art & Music 10 Canon Rebel T3 cameras $3,000
Art & Music 4 students to national journalism conference in Washington, D.C. $2,000
Art & Music National teacher conference $900


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